Wiretap Evidence Expert

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA)

Ben Levitan is an acknowledged industry expert, pioneer and patent holder in wireless, wire line and Internet protocol (IP) lawfully authorized electronic surveillance (LAES) systems.

Ben Levitan is a charter member of the TIA’s industry standards group that created the network system design for the congressionally mandated CALEA wiretap system. He led the industry initiative to restructure standards for the IP era.

With Ben Levitan’s expertise, he can review discovery and determine if wiretap information provided reflects a valid CALEA wiretap.

  • Levitan was awarded US Patent 7,155,207 that provides telephone system methods for wiretap that eliminate the need for minimization and can support telecommunications services in a future proof manner.
  • Working for the FBI CALEA Implementation Unit (CIU), Levitan was the first to study the new broadband over powerline industry and made recommendations for implementation of CALEA in this system.
  • While working for the FBI’s CIU, Levitan was instrumental in resolving location reporting requirements in wiretap systems.
  • Levitan was the lead representative for Alcatel, GTE and Nextel in developing new wiretap standards through 2005.
  • Levitan initiated and led the effort in 2004 to speed up the development of wiretap standards via the restructuring of the wiretap development process. This resulted in rapid wiretap standards for Push-to-Talk, VoIP and future technologies.
  • Following the signing of CALEA into law in October 1994, Levitan represented the telephone industry in the Law Enforcement & Telecom Industry’s technical standards committees to develop the first industry standard for wire line and wireless lawfully authorized electronic surveillance.
  • While working at ALCATEL, the FBI consulted with Mr. Levitan on developing potential methods of wiretap for cellular phones.  This contributed to the development of the CALEA law.

Clients include:

  • Municipalities
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Local Exchange Carriers (LEC)
  • Public Defenders and District Attorneys
  • Private Investigators

Public Speaking and Seminars

Levitan is a popular speaker at workshops and seminars. Topics include: wiretap (CALEA), basic telephony, cellular telephony, new technology and new telecommunication mandates imposed by the FCC.

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