Cell Phones and Personal Injury

Ben Levitan is a cellular technology expert whose investigation and testimony on cell phone matters in personal injury cases could mean the difference between a multimillion-dollar settlement against your client and a dismissal.

Driving while texting and driving while using a cell phone are risky behaviors that can lead to serious personal injury, death or property damage. Data from a cell phone or carrier can be the critical piece of evidence that determines the outcome of your case. Understanding this evidence takes specialized expertise.

Personal Injury Expert Testimony Services

Obtaining the information you need from a cell phone company is no easy task. Neither is interpreting cell phone records or cell phone forensic evidence. When your personal injury case requires expertise related to cell phones, Ben Levitan can help. He has investigated and testified in dozens of cases and can help with any phase of the litigation process, including:

  • Preparing subpoena language for attorneys to obtain cell phone information
  • Obtaining evidence from cell phone companies
  • Reading and interpreting cell phone records
  • Validating records received
  • Analysis and preparation of Forensic cell phone evidence
  • Analysis of phone records to determine accident timeline
  • Presents technical information in terms understandable to a jury
  • Preparing attorneys for cross examination


Contact cellular technology expert Ben Levitan to find out how cell phone evidence can change your case.

Facts and Figures: Cell Phones and Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Cell phone users’ accident risk is equivalent to drivers with a 0.08 blood-alcohol level.
  • Cell phone users have been found to be 5.36 times more likely to get in an accident than undistracted drivers are.
  • Cell phone use is the fifth leading cause of motor vehicle accidents.
  • Motorists who talk on cell phones (handheld or hands-free) are 9 percent slower to hit the brakes than undistracted drivers are.
  • Every time you look at your device while driving, you are distracted from driving for at least 2 seconds.

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